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The wedding ceremony was over and we sat at the bar with a drink before retiring to the room. We were the only couple in the bar, Jim came up and waved it offers us a drink we have accepted. Jim sat down and chatted. He told us he was helpless, as there is no space left and had to spend the night in his car when he could not go after a few drinks. Jim was a pleasant -looking man about 24, very slim and fit. My wife had danced with a couple of times tonight and seemed to get along despite being almost 40th Jim apologized to go to the bathroom and my wife suggested that the use of the extra bed in our triple. I thought about it for a minute and then said jokingly. ' Provided they do not try anything with you at night. ' ' Chance would be a good thing,' she said. 'Really,' I replied, ' the desire for a younger man who is doing ' ' Mmmmmm,' she said wistfully. ' It could be interesting,' felt myseIf immediately aroused. The thought stirred in a threesome my fantasy. ' I can do that. ' When he came out to go to the bathroom and I will call ' When bravoteens Angela returned Jim excused himself and went to the ladies. Jim mentioned that he had the spare bed and welcomed its use. jokingly mentioned that Angela in a hot mood was not sure, maybe. blushed a little and said she was a woman very attractive and sexy. ' would you like to fuck her, 'I said, to the point. ' Do not you care ? ' He said, ' I thought a couple for a long time. ' I responded that the idea was exciting and when he returned I told Angela that Jim will be happy to use the guest bed. He also mentioned bravoteens that adds to their appearance and clothes. She blushed a little. we entered the room, and once inside, we have rejected the light. bravoteens I went to Angela and kissed her neck then her lips. it seemed to burn. As seen JimI pulled his jacket and opened the back of her dress and let it fall to the ground. He stayed in the shadows only in black bravoteens lace bra, garter belts, thong and stockings, and looked very sexy. Jim was driven into the ground, when I ran my hands all over her body and could feel a tingle of anticipation. I sat on the edge of the big bed and pulled me out and urged Jim to do the same. We bravoteens sat on either side of her and I kissed her lips then began to move through your body. Jim began to kiss, and they were very excited. When I arrived at the thighs, opened g -string and then investigates the hot wet pussy with my tongue. Her moans were very strong. I looked up bravoteens and saw Jim unhook her bra and then lick and suck the nipples of your company. Alternated between kissing his lips and sucked her nipples as she took the cock back and began to stroke it. As he lay in bed, I swung her legs and buried my bravoteens tongue on her clitoris. At this point, Angela moaned louder. I watched Jim move his body and lifted her head to make his cock awesome. She held her breath as she moved to pass then wrapped her lips around the head and licked and sucked on it. I bravoteens ran my fingers over her clit while I licked her pussy. Soon shuddered then complained loudly as the orgasm swept through her. He immediately went up and lay in bed, gasping for air since. Jim slipped off the bed and spread her legs before the disappearance of its total length in it. She turned her head towards me and pushed my throbbing cock in her mouth. When Jim moved slowly, Angela lifted her legs higher and pushed harder and faster with the thighs. He soon bravoteens found each other, groans and moans of pleasure. Angela sucked more in me and in a minute, all joined in a burst of joy. The rest of the night is a different story, but
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